Legislative elections will be held in Russia on December 4th, 2011. These are photos of some of the candidates found in social networks, seeing which you involuntarily ask yourself a question, ‘What do these people have o do with politics? ‘

This candidate is 21 and she looks like a good girl…

Until night comes and turns her into a hot chick!

She also admits that she likes erotic horoscopes… whatever toy or play makes the baby gay!

In this picture she’s the fourth from the right.

This is a member of Italian Parliament with a well-known Russian politician. But Russians can outdo her easily!

Here she is, another 21-year-old.

Nice car!

Another Duma-member-to-be. She’s more mature because she’s already 23!

Everything seems to be all right except for the fact that she likes posing nude.

No, that’s not all. At one of the sex shop web-sites she ‘offers cooperation’!

This candidate loves her country!

‘Our Country Is Our Freedom!’

With a Russian oligarch

Is it at one of his yachts?

No comment.

This candidate likes motorcycles.

And yachts.

And Ferrari.

That’s enough about chicks. Let’s talk about men!

How do you like this candidate and his deputy?

His also plays in a rock group ‘House of Butcher’.

This candidate had a car accident (supposedly with victims) but the case was never brought before the court.

Another candidate.

Looks like a serious man.

Yeah, looks like.

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