PETA seems to be targeting the Thanksgiving Turkey with new outdoor advertisement campaign with billboards being erected in Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah and Tennessee. The billboards read – “Kids: If You Wouldn’t Eat Your Dog, Why Eat a Turkey?” and features a Jack Russell terrier’s head on a turkey’s body.


How would children feel if Fido and Fluffy were stuffed and roasted for Thanksgiving? That’s what PETA is asking this holiday season with a new outdoor advertising campaign that shows an animal who’s a cross between a dog and a turkey. The billboard reads, “Kids: If You Wouldn’t Eat Your Dog, Why Eat a Turkey?” The group plans to run the ad near Omaha public schools in the hope that it will spark a dialogue between kids and their parents.

“Kids love animals, and if they thought about how turkeys feel pain and fear just as dogs and cats do, they’d trade in their drumsticks for Tofurky in a heartbeat,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “This Thanksgiving, families can give all animals something to be thankful for by sticking to humane, delicious vegan meals.”

More than 250 million turkeys are killed in the U.S. every year—more than 40 million for Thanksgiving dinners alone. In nature, turkeys are protective and loving parents as well as spirited explorers who can climb trees and run as fast as 25 miles per hour. But most turkeys slated to be killed for food are crammed into filthy warehouses, where disease, smothering, and heart attacks are common. Turkeys are drugged and bred to grow such unnaturally large upper bodies that their legs often become crippled under the weight.

To reach kids across the nation, PETA also plans to erect its ad in Oklahoma, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Utah, and Tennessee.



The billboards are supposed to be placed near public schools to start the dialog between parents and children.

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