Norway’s Equality Minister Audun Lysbakken wants to put warning labels on skinny models in advertisements, in hopes to curb the vast reach of ads promoting “unobtainable ideal bodies”. He warning labels are proposed to read – “This advertisement has been altered and presents an inaccurate image of how this model really looks.”


In his presentation, Lysbakken said hundreds of thousands of young girls endured eating disorders while living with a distorted self-image obtained partly by hopeless comparisons with “cleaned-up” beauty ads. Women’s rights groups in North America and in Europe have long allied with psychologists and sociologists against the phenomenon.

But Norwegian Business School lecturer Monica Viken said she doubts sticking warnings on billboards will have an effect on consumers.

“We have also introduced rules against hidden advertisements by putting text into ads that say this is an ad,” Viken told newspaper Bergens Tidende. adding, “I don’t know if this has had an effect on the impression the ad gives.”



With airbrushing, photo-shopping and resizing pictures, I totally agree with the minister. Wonder, if we can have the same warnings on American advertisements?




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