A little-noticed thing happened tonight in a whole lot of places. At least, compared to the MSM’s trumpeting about the tax levies rejected across Colorado in the last couple of weeks, this trend isn’t getting much notice. And it won’t, because it doesn’t fit the narrative. But still, we should talk about it.

I live in a County loaded down with wingers, knuckle-draggers, and troglodytes. And yet, just about every tax proposal on the ballot passed. As I look over the many local websites I read regularly, I see the trend is nationwide. Funny, that is: just last week, I was assured by the MSM that UHMUHRICUNS would NEVER agree to any tax hikes, EVER! Colorado done PROVED it!

The MSM hasn’t figured out yet that the majority of Americans aren’t the self-entitled old freeloaders of the “Lamest Generation” who believed their beloved Saint Ronnie when he told them that they should have everything they wanted, and stick someone ELSE with the bill. We recognize that our schools, police, fire deparements, and streets are important, and we’re willing to pony up to make sure that our services continue to be viable.

The TAXES BAD!!! GUBMINT BAD!!! refrain of the Klanbaggers is dying. Ironically, Klanbagger Governors have demonstrated to us just how important a functional Government really is.

Despite Metro Detroit’s stubbornly sluggish economy, voters in numerous communities opened their wallets Tuesday, passing tax issues to fund basic services including police, fire and libraries.

Voters also re-elected most mayors, including Jack Kirksey in Livonia and James Fouts in Warren. But in Troy, residents chose an insurgent candidate, tea party organizer Janice Daniels, as mayor over longtime Councilwoman Robin Beltramini.

Steve Schaff, 36, said he voted for Daniels. “I like that she wanted to change the status quo,” said Schaff, who moved to the city six months ago.

Voters said yes to tax issues in communities including Dearborn, Garden City, Eastpointe, Roseville, Warren, Bloomfield Hills and Hazel Park.

In Dearborn, residents approved tax hikes for library and general operations. A five-year, 3.5-mill increase for operations will be used to help maintain core city services, and a 10-year, 1-mill hike will help library services, proponents said.

Dearborn resident Sam Bazzi said he voted for the library millage, but against the operations millage, which will cost the owner of a Dearborn home with a taxable value of $53,435 an extra $187 a year.

“I think (the city) can do different things to find more money,” he said. “In this economy, I don’t know if it’s the right thing to boost the tax.”

Residents in other communities in Metro Detroit will soon see tax hikes as well. Eastpointe and Roseville approved a plan to form a joint parks and recreation authority and fund it with a 1-mill, 20-year tax. Officials estimate it will cost the owner of a $68,000 home in Roseville an extra $34 a year and the owner of a $72,000 home in Eastpointe an extra $36.

In Garden City, residents narrowly passed a 1-mill tax increase to save its library, with 51 percent voting yes.

Nearly 70 percent of voters in Farmington Hills supported a 10-year tax of 1.7 mills for public safety. It’s expected to generate $4.5 million a year and cost the owner of a $150,000 home $127.50 annually.

Bloomfield Hills and Hazel Park passed library proposals.

This is Democracy in action, the will of the people at work. Rushpubliscums can continue to do nothing other than protect billionaires at their own peril. We have spoken, and we want change.
And unlike the freeloading Rushpubliscums of another generation, we’ll pay for it.


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