Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by a Los Angeles Jury in the 2009 death of the pop-star from a dose of propofol.


The verdict was delivered Monday in a windowless downtown L.A. courtroom a world away from the turreted Holmby Hills mansion where Dr. Conrad Murray had a $150,000 a month position that included providing what the pop star called “milk” — the surgical anesthetic that ultimately claimed his life.

With its verdict, the jury found that Murray acted with criminal negligence and that those actions were a substantial factor in Jackson’s 2009 death. The panel rejected the defense assertion that Jackson gave himself a fatal overdose of propofol and therefore bore complete responsibility for his own death.

Immediately after the verdict, Murray was placed in handcuffs at the direction of the judge, to remain in custody pending his Nov. 29 sentencing.


Fans and Jackson’s family rejoiced the verdict.


A shriek broke the silence in the packed courtroom when the jury’s decision was read, and the crowd outside the courthouse erupted in cheers. Jubilant Jackson fans sang “Beat It” and held signs that read “Guilty” and “Killer.” Drivers honked their horns.

Members of Jackson’s family wept, and his mother, Katherine Jackson, said, “I feel better now.” His sister La Toya said she was overjoyed and added: “Michael was looking over us.”Source:

The doctor faces a maximum sentence of four years in prison.




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