Soledad Griensen Porras, 50-year old director of battered women’s shelter in Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) was charged with prostituting women residents, forcing the women she cared for to commit sex acts with strangers.


“Our officers responded immediately and that’s when they found the shelter, which had pretty much become a brothel,” Sanchez said.

Officers found “several irregularities” at the shelter “as well as five other women…and eight children,” Sanchez said.

The children had been beaten and had “chile put on their private parts” according to a press release from the Juarez municipal police department.

“Griensen is the only person being held in relation to these charges,” Sandoval told CNN.

“She is currently in our custody. I can’t give you anymore details about her since our investigation is ongoing,” he added.

It was unclear how long Griensen had owned the Mujeres Unidas Contra la Violencia (“women united against violence”) shelter or how long its residents allegedly had been forced to perform sex acts, Sanchez said.



It seems like the battered women who came to the shelter had to go through even worse treatment at the shelter? Horrible!



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