RNC Racism 1

The Facebook page of the Republican National Committee displayed some revolting, racist photos, one nearly for a week, before they were taken down after a liberal website publicized their existence.

The first picture brought to light was one of President Barack Obama eating fried chicken, captioned with the following: “Miscegenation is a CRIME against American Values. Repeal Loving v. Virginia.”

Miscegenation refers to the “marriage or cohabitation between a man and woman of different races.” Loving v. Virginia was the landmark Supreme Court case that struck down laws against interracial marriage. By the way, you can’t actually repeal a Supreme Court decision. That photo was posted on Oct. 20th.

RNC Racism 2

Another troubling photo was of Mother Teresa, in which she is shown feeding a child. The caption beneath read, “Enabling scab-eating mouth breathers will do them no good. How do we expect them to take care of themselves?”

While none of the photos in question appear to have been posted by the administrator of the GOP’s Facebook site, it’s interesting that the administrator did not remove them, and that there was no uproar among the Republicans visiting the site. Either they did not disagree, or did not care, or there were no visitors (doubtful).

Both of those photos were posted by a Facebook user named “Gee Dub,” apparently in reference to President George W. Bush. They have both been removing, but it is still troubling that they were there in the first place.

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