It looks like the drama surrounding Bold Red Lines’ Sexual Adventures isn’t quite over yet.  For those that don’t remember, or simply are unaware, Bold Red Lines is a Lebanese program that recently featured a program involving a Saudi man’s sexual adventures.  After openly discussing this on National TV, the Saudi government were a little less than please with the narrator, Mazen Abdul-Jawad, who discussed in some detail his sexual liaisons.  Mazen Abdul-Jawad was later sentenced to 1000 lashes, which I hear is mild by saudi sex standards. 

In order to drive the point home, they have now sentenced female journalist Rozanna al-Yami with 60 lashes for helping in the production of the show.  The situation is quite strange, so I will simply echo the explanation given by Huffington Post.


A Saudi court on Saturday sentenced a female journalist to 60 lashes after she had been charged with involvement in a TV show in which a Saudi man publicly talked about sex.

Rozanna al-Yami, 22, is believed to be the first Saudi woman journalist to be given such a punishment, but there were conflicting accounts about how the court issued its verdict.

Al-Yami, who worked as a coordinator for the program but has denied working on the sex-show episode, told The Associated Press it was her understanding that the judge at the court in the western city of Jiddah dropped the charges against her. They included involvement in the preparation of the show and advertising the segment on the Internet.

But she said he still handed down the lashing sentence “as a deterrence.”

“I am too frustrated and upset to appeal the sentence,” said al-Yami.

Al-Yami refused to provide contact details for her lawyer to ask about the legal proceedings, including the basis in Islamic law for the punishment and whether the charges were really dropped.

Sulaiman al-Jumeii, the lawyer for the man who appeared in the TV show, said such “physical punishment is not an indication of innocence or a drop of charges.”

“If the judge had dropped the charges, then why did he give her the 60 lashes?” he added.Source:




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