Surprised Obama

A recent ad on the the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s website, since replaced, showed a message with the O in Obama replaced with the hammer and sickle from (guess where) the U.S.S.R.’s flag.

The ad asked: “Tired of Barack Obama, (Pennsylvania Governor) Ed Rendell and (Pennsylvania Senator and former GOP member) Arlen Specter ruining our nation? Hit them where it hurts. The voting booth!”

Communist Obama

As you can see, the ad promotes Joan Orie-Melvin, a Republican candidate for the state Supreme Court in the November election. It appeared on the PA GrassRoots website late last week.

Unfortunately for those afraid of the “Red Menace,” as noted by John Micek, “We looked pretty hard at Orie-Melvin’s life story, and we couldn’t find a single thing in there about her promising to fight the Red Menace if elected.”

It’s another example of hate-mongering and scare tactics among GOP candidates. The idea of equating liberals with the “Red Menace” isn’t new, but isn’t any truer than before, either.

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