The debate on Global Warming has gone from bad to worse.  The detractors of global warming are arming themselves with useless facts, such as “XXX and YYY have seen the coldest summer in history”, while completely ignoring the simple facts that the mean global temperature is steadily rising and that the polar ice caps are melting, which is causing the sea level to rise dramatically in areas.  By ignoring the important facts and concentrating on trivialities, they have amassed a large amount of detractors insisting that Global Warming is farce.

With the detractors gaining fervor, some global governments are using this as an excuse to avoid the Copenhagen Global Warming summit.  Since most major businesses would suffer greatly from laws passed to combat Global Warming, they have taken to lobbying their respective governments to avoid this summit.  One not so surprising country that has hinted it may not attend is the USA.  Fortunately, US envoy Todd Stern has made the claim that Barack Obama may in fact attend the meeting, although he hasn’t made any promises.

Another somewhat surprising addition to the Global Warming summit is UK’s Gordon Brown.  While he has been adamant about fighting Global Warming in the past, the UK’s close ties to the USA often amounts to the UK following the USA’s lead on issues that may cost big business substantial amounts of money.  Gordon Brown was quoted as saying,


“We can’t afford to fail. If we fail, we pay a heavy price,” he warned.

“For the planet, there is no plan B.”



These are strong words, and hopefully the message comes across.  With global temperatures rising, heatwaves are becoming more prevalent in agricultural countries which is leading to lower crop yields and higher famine rates.  Famine is a major problem facing the world because hungry people often turn violent.  If Global Warming isn’t brought under some control, food prices will rise drastically, pushing 3rd world countries into a downward spiral of famine.

What is most important is for those that oppose the fight to Global Warming to educate themselves, and to understand that if we don’t do anything soon our planet may suffer irreversible damage.  While one city may have experienced its coldest summer ever, the majority of cities are feeling their hottest summers and winters ever.  With the polar caps melting, some islands are becoming submerged, such as Maldives.

There is a viable argument that the earth’s temperature has seen drastic shifts int he past and that the current heatwave may not be directly caused by man.  However, with so much evidence in favor of us causing this rise in temperature, we may not be the sole cause of it, but we are definitely contributing.


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