Meleanie Hain, the woman who felt it was necessary to openly wear a handgun to her daughter’s soccer game, has been found dead, shot to death by her husband in an apparent murder-suicide. The word ironic is simply insufficient.

While Hain had a carry permit, taking a gun to a children’s soccer game was simply over-the-top to many. It is hard to visualize any reason to do so. In fact, her carry permit was revoked, and later restored by Lebanon County Sheriff Michael DeLeo.

Meleanie Hain later sued DeLeo in federal court, seeking reimbursement of attorneys’ fees and costs, emotional distress and lost wages. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence then offered to defend DeLeo for free.

At the time, Daniel Vice, a senior attorney for the Brady Center, said:

“It is a case that calls out for common sense. … It’s ridiculous to bring a gun to a child’s soccer game.”

Common sense is something lost on many of people who feel that the Second Amendment gives them the right to carry a gun anywhere. A hearing on Hain’s suit was postponed in May after one of the attorneys in the case was involved in an auto accident.

Recently, however, Meleanie Hain told her attorney, Matthew Weisberg, that she and her husband were separating and that she wanted to remove his name from the $1 million lawsuit. The irony was not lost on him, eihter, as Weisberg said “It’s shocking. And sadly ironic.”

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