The Hippies of California are finally doing something pro-active … they are gathering petitions to help put as many as 3 bills on the 2010 ballot in California.  While it is highly unlikely that the hippies are responsible for said action, it IS highly likely that they are participating in it ever so feverishly.

There are also very promising poll results that show that it at least one of these bills are likely to pass, possibly making California the first state in the USA to fully legalize pot (or, Marijuana for jargon impaired). 

It is important to note the California is already one of the highest ranked pot states in the union, primarily because it has legalized the use of medical marijuana, but also because of its population of 38 Million it has a high concentration of pot-heads, hippies and the like.  Its proximity to British Columbia also helps.

So, what does the DEA think of this?  While there is no official statement from them, I am sure that they would be less than pleased to see the ballot favor legalization.  If marijuana is legalized, I would have to guess that at least a few raids would take place on fully legal distribution centers.

Regardless of what the DEA wants to do, they will need local California police to assist them.  Without their support, doing anything significant to curb pot production, distribution or consumption will be extremely difficult.


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