There is an old Russian joke: “If you open water tap in the morning and there is no water it means that Jews drank it all”. For the past couple of thousands years it’s been working just fine.  The UN is a fine example of a corrupt (morality wise) organization, which sets itself to judge and blame Israel at least a few dozen times per year. It is their past time, like a baseball or football for Americans. The only time, I think, the UN would be happy will be if Jews laid down and died. One of examples (just one!!!) is what is happening between Israel and Gaza. Would any country in the world stand that rocket being fired to their proper daily?

Would any country stand and not do anything when their citizens are murdered by terrorists sent from hostile territory? Israel’s urgent appeals to the international community to no avail, and their attempts to extend a fragile cease-fire were met with new, increased barrages of missiles from Hamas. One million Israelis had to live within seconds of a bomb shelter. Never the less, guess who is to be blamed?  You are right, one and only – Israel. Ha, Ha, Ha!!

Here what Israel’s ambassador to UN, Leshno Yaar, have to say on that issue a few days ago.  I personally think it is just a lost time, but never the less a Jerusalem Post posted it on their site at


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