The newspapers of today give us an impression that the world is going to meet its end in the near future. Our planet is getting warmer, populations are on the rise, and flora and fauna are beginning to disappear. But it’s not the end of the world, and there is still hope.

Nowadays, more and more governments in the world tend to cordoned off huge swaths of the planet earth for the sake of conservation, saving new corners of the world for the generations to come.

For instance, In Australia and Zambia, an old mining zone and a fresh breeding ground were introduced as new nature reserves. Here is a description of 10 fresh marine reserves and national parks that you may want to visit.

Pinnacles National Park (United States)

Pinnacles National Park

The latest national park of the US came into existence in January 2013. What it did was to preserve an area in the central California with a lot of mountains, which went through a process of ice, fire, and an ancient volcanoes to take the present shape.

People visit the park to see wildflowers and old rock spires that are pollinated by a large number of bees. On the other hand, some visitors like to scour the sky in order to spot a rare species of Californian vulture, or they get into the caves to take a closer look at thirteen species of bats.

Sable Island National Park Reserve (Canada)

Sable Island National Park Reserve

The 43rd national park of Canada was opened for public in July 2013 right on a windy island located 290 km southeast of Halifax in Nova Scotia. Sable Island is home to 6 permanent presidents. It’s due system has over 500 Sable Island Horses. Besides, its strip covering an area of 42 kilometers was formerly called “the Graveyard of the Atlantic”.

Nowadays, ships that carry outsiders arrive from the popular Adventure Canada. It provided the service of launching the very first public tours to the island.

Wakhan National Park (Afghanistan)

Wakhan National Park

Until 2009, Afghanistan didn’t have even a small piece of land. Then international groups assisted in the creation of Band-e Amir National Park in the popular Bamyan Province.

Afghanistan started another national park a year back in The Wakhan, which is a corridor of alpine grasslands and rugged hills in the state’s northeastern corner: a meeting point for both Pamir Mountains and Hindu Kush.

This park consists of an area that is approximately 25% bigger than the well-known Yellowstone National Park.

The government of Afghanistan, along with the NY-based Wildlife Conservation Society for the protection of the landscape and the endangered snow leopards.

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument (United States)

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument

This is the biggest marine reserve across the globe established by the Obama administration in 2014. This park gives protection to the Pacific Ocean.

The area has a lot of undersea mountains with colonies of corals, tunas, seabirds, cetaceans, manta rays and sharks. You cannot mine, dump or fish in the reserve for money but you can do tourism and fishing with a permit.

Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve (British Overseas Territories)

Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve

British officials created a large marine park around the Pitcairn islands. The Pacific Zone occupies an area of 834,000 square meters.

The marine reserve is built with an intention to protect the ocean from unauthorized fishing activities and to protect endangered species, such as squirrelfish and butterfly fish.

El Impenetrable National Park (Argentina)

El Impenetrable National Park

EI Impenetrable Forest is, as the name implies, a swampy forest in north of Argentina, which gave protection to the agriculture clear-cutting that was destroying woods around it.

A campaign requested the Congress of Argentina to give official orders to declare an area of 300,000 acres for EI Impenetrable National Park in 2014, giving protection for rare species, such as eagles, giant armadillos and jaguars.

There is no doubt that it is a success for conservation. The National Parks Administration of Argentina has to take the land under its control, and scientists issued a warning that if no action would be taken, poachers may come in and destroy the virgin jungle.



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