I’m thinking Junket John must have left his bottle in the limo before he got interviewed by the SLUT, Laura Ingraham.

Junket John flat-out admitted that a number of Klanbaggers in his Klanservative Kaukus wish to send the US Government into default and destroy the economy, so that they can use the chaos caused to get their way on a balanced-budget Amendment. Sure, the more likely scenario ends with them sitting in jail cells-or worse-while their houses burn, but you must remember that you are dealing with profoundly stupid people here.

Junket John, in my opinion, just gave the President at least sufficient ammunition to use in a Court of Law for the declaration of a State of Emergency. If you couple that with the language of the 14th Amendment, I believe that you now have a legal basis for a unilateral raising of the US debt ceiling.

From the United States Constitution:

“The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”

Thus ends the Constitutional guidelines on declaring a Federal State of Emergency.

Courts have ruled over the years that a President cannot declare a State of Emergency that contravenes an Act of Congress. But the problem we have here isn’t an Act of Congress; it’s the FAILURE of the Congress to act. And given that the Speaker of the House is now admitting publicly that his own people seek to wreck the economy, it seems to me that the provisions for a declaration of a State of Emergency have been met. The President can, in my opinion, claim that the Klanbagger Kaukus is trying to keep him, as the Executive, from enforcing the intent of the 14th Amendment. And he can use Junket John’s words as evidence of this fact.

I don’t know if he will, since he’s never shown that kind of fortitude. And if he doesn’t, I’m not sure that he can see to Social Security checks going out as scheduled, since Social Security is now in the red and as such has to borrow money itself to cover its obligations. But I do think that he has a Constitutional solution to the default problem, should he actually decide to do some Executive-style stuff and use the powers that the Constitution, by all appearances, has given him.

It’s at least an argument that should be made. I think it might even be an argument that Anthony Kennedy would find to be favorable.



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