What Happens When Zoo Animals Escape?

Last week in Tbilisi, Georgia, flooding in the area allowed zoo animals to escape into the city.  The town was put on lockdown and residents were told to stay indoors while crews searched for the animals.  The problem was that a large Tiger was already in a building and getting hungry.

That Tiger was getting hungry and on the prowl when he crossed paths with a 43-year-old warehouse worker.  He went for the throat, a common Tiger hunting technique, and the man died on the way to the hospital a few minutes later.  The Tiger was then killed in order to get him off the streets and restore order.

The big worry out of this event is that the zoo wasn’t prepared for this type of event and put people in danger.  In reality, more animals died in this tragic weather than humans.  If you research “what do Tigers eat”, you will quickly discover that the answer is not humans.

The story shouldn’t be about how a single human died from a Tiger attack, but about how a large number of animals died when humans abandoned them.  When the flood waters hit and the humans ran, the animals we left to fend for themselves and they did the best they could to survive.

You can’t blame the Tiger for hunting when he was hungry and the humans that bought him were not there to feed him.  He needed to eat and was going to do whatever he needed to do.  Check out the pictures below of the other animals involved doing what they could to survive.

Bear doing what he can to survive flood

This bear is just trying to survive

These workers look to try and save this hippo



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