Brazilian Cops Find 12 Hidden Guns After Arresting The Driver

In a video that hit the interned today, two police officers find 12 guns hidden in the center console of a care during an inspection.  One cop removes the plastic insert and pulls out the handguns while the other films the event.

After arresting the suspect, they searched the vehicle as part of normal protocol.  The officers noticed that the console was much smaller than normal and decided to investigate further.  After removing the insert, they found 11 guns immediately.  With some more inspection, a 12th gun was found tucked into a corner.

No more information has been given about the weird video that is just starting to surface.  We do know that Brazil does not allow citizens to carry firearms outside of their residence and that you must be 25 years or older to purchase a firearm. 

We are sure that more information will surface soon but in the meantime, check out the video below.



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