New York Police Officer Pepper Sprays Citizen For Flipping Him Off (VIDEO)A police officer in Saratoga Springs, New York, is now facing the loss of his job after he pepper sprayed a citizen that gave him the middle finger.  The entire incident was caught on film and can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Office Nathan Baker was patrolling the streets when he was passed by Adam Rupeka, a member of a police watchdog group, who gave him the middle finger.  Rupeka had cameras rolling and ready to go while he tested the supreme courts’ ruling that giving a cop the middle finger is considered exercising your freedom of speech.  He quickly found out that officer Baker did not get that email.

The Saratoga Springs cop turned on his lights and approached the vehicle asking for Rupeka’s license and registration.  He agreed to provide this information as soon as the office informed him of what crime he had committed.  Officer Baker instead sprayed Rupeka with pepper spray and forcefully removed him from the vehicle to place him under arrest.

Supervisors suspended Baker as soon as the video surfaced online.  He is currently awaiting a disciplinary hearing of which the police chief is expected to seek his termination.  Rupeka has also filed a civil lawsuit against the officer using the video evidence seen below.



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