Teen Paid $45K After She Was Arrested For Refusing Cops AdvancesThis week, a teen collected a $45,000 payout from the NYPD for being wrongfully held.  Her story is that a plain clothes cop was flirting with her and then arrested her for refusing his advances.  Then, she was held for 19 hours before she was allowed to go home.

The incident occurred in 2013 when 17 year old Natalie Erlich was grabbing an after school snack down town.  She was wearing a camouflage hat and the officer was wearing camouflage pants.  As they crossed paths, the officer commented that they matched.

After Natalie purchased her snack, she began to head home with a friend when they crossed paths with the officer once more.  The officer said “where are you going?” and was not happy when Natalie answered that she was going home.

Seconds after her denial, a van full of police officers pulled up and arrested Natalie and her friend.  They held them in the van for a few hours before bringing them back to the police station for booking.  When she asked why they were being arrested, they were told “you were being a smartass”.  The lawsuit also claims that one of the male officers was touching her breasts while inspecting for weapons.

The two friends pressed charges against the city for unlawfully detaining the two innocent woman for 19 hours without cause.  The city agreed to settle with the two woman for $45,000 if they drop the lawsuit.  This is the third time the city has been forced to settle over a lawsuit that lists the office involved in this suit.


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