Dillard Johnson became “the soldier with the best results” in the U.S. Army, according to the German edition of Die Welt. In his memoirs, a 48-year veteran of the fighting claims that in the war in Iraq he has killed 2,746 enemy soldiers. Most of the recognized commander of Special Forces Carnivore (“Carnivore”), he killed with small arms, while the rest were killed in the hand to hand fighting with his bare hands or with a knife.      

To such precision, tells the officer, he is obliged to one of his commanders which ordered him to “make a list in which he notes every kill”.  In general, he states further in the book, there are many places that lead to draw parallels with the sagas of heroes. Among other things, the author talks about his unit fought of an attack of “44 Iraqi tanks and 20,000 soldiers,” or about how one day he had to kill the enemy with a knife just because his gun jammed.

As acknowledged by the father of four children, the choice of his profession was predetermined by his love of guns as a child. “I have from the beginning a huge talent for shooting – recognized a native of Kentucky. – All of my friends wanted to be astronauts or firemen, my idol was also the protagonist of the satirical comic, the Sergeant Rock “. 

However, the newspaper notes, his first posting to the battle to Johnson, who left the Army in 1986, had to wait quite a long time – until March 2003. Before the end of his second trip to Iraq in March 2005, Johnson served as a sniper. Total “kills” of this American soldier as a sniper are – 121 of the enemy, and the most distant target was at a distance of 750 meters. 

From military service, according to records, the retired officer received 37 awards for bravery and a bullet in his leg, which had not been pulled out after being wounded. However, adds Die Welt, the bullet – not the biggest problem Johnson. Besides her, Johnson still has to contend with cancer of the lymph nodes the paper.




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