India experiences terrible monsoon rains annually this time of year. This years floods have been exceptionally harsh, claiming by some to be as high as 600 casualties. There have been over 34,000 people evacuated from their homes and another 50,000 are stranded. 

While these floods are devastating, they play a vital role in India’s ecosystem. These floods sustain the Ganges River, and provide water for India’s crops. As devastating as they are, they are usually a welcome part of India’s yearly life cycle.

Here is a small collection of some of the devastation around India. As some people struggle to stay alive, others manage to find a special something to enjoy in such tragic times.




Now that we have looked at the depressing images, lets focus on the few that have found a silver lining in the clouds. While there is no way a sane person would be happy to see this kind of devastation, a select few have managed to make good of a bad situation.



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