First off m’dear reader, I consider Jon Stewart to be a comedian first and foremost. His less than stellar history of lobbing softball questions at guests whom he has previously, viciously and deliciously satirized is the reason I consider him a gifted and hysterically funny comedian/satirist, nothing more. Some folks like to consider him more than a comedian, a truth-teller of sorts or even a journalist at times..not moi. 

There are three places I look when refuting rightwingers on Faux Noise, specifically Glenn Beck lies and Faux’s general and usually completely untrue, bullshit rightwing nutterville, talking points: Politifact, andMediaMatters.  All three are quite good reference sites that back up what they say with ..well, facts. 

So, when Politifact said Stewarts premise that Fox News viewers are the most consistently misinformed was a lie, I had to agree w/them..although it wasn’t easy. The night after that article went up at Politifact, Stewart apologized for saying what he did about the idiots…I mean viewers that tune in regularly to Faux. He then went on to use the site to point out 21 separate, but equal lies told repeatedly on Faux and two that actually won Lie-of-the-year awards from Politifact. It’s a great it below:

Craig, m’dear friend and daily reader, who has become more moderate with age,(also, I hope, because you read my bitchfests daily) this post is for you. You are not a troll, you are always a gentleman, you provide links to why you believe as you do and even though I do not usually agree w/your pov..I enjoy our back and forth on issues that matter to America. Both of us need some humor in our can not be all anger, all the least on my end..correct?  ;>)

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