If you’re sitting there wondering what the President’s big announcement on the “drawdown” from Afghanistan means in real terms, wonder no longer.

Antiwar.com has the truth of the matter right here.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t watch the President’s announcement, because I already had a pretty good idea of what the truth of the matter was going to be. It is with much sadness that I tell you that the truth of the matter closely resembles what I was thinking.

It would have been wonderful to be wrong this time.

As President Obama addressed the nation regarding his “drawdown,” media outlets are abuzz, seeing the announcement as the biggest change since the December 2009 escalation announcement.

On the ground in Afghanistan, however, it doesn’t seem like a drawdown, and the troops aren’t expecting any major change. Rather, they are expecting long deployings and a long occupation in an already decade-old war.

This speaks both to the Pentagon’s repeated calls for US troops to remain long after 2014 and to President Obama’s own decision to announce a drawdown that sounds a lot bigger than it actually is.

Though the drawdown will nominally remove 33,000 surge troops, only between 3,000 and 5,000 troops will actually be leaving any time soon, with the rest simply “planned” drawdowns at future dates, which have historically been very unreliable.

There’s the truth of the matter. While this country continues to implode because the President refuses to face down the Rushpubliscums that have destroyed us, he also has every intention of continuing those Rushpubliscum wars that are going to end us. Hell, he even got us into a brand new one.

History is full of stories about empires, arrogant men, and collapses. This President witnessed such a collapse himself. And yet, we seem doomed to go down the same path.

I guess our soldiers will come home the same way Soviet troops in Germany came home-when there is no longer a “home” for them to come back to.




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