In a bid to help thousands of Ukrainians who bought condos throughout Ukraine, only to watch these condos rot as construction is frozen, FEMEN bared their breasts once more in protest. Previously FEMEN had held a protest more so to aid the Ukrainian construction workers who were without work, but this time they concentrate their attention on the people who suffer from the thievery and corruption of the oligarchs who own these construction projects.

Several of the female protesters, some with children, are left bare because their money was, in a sense, stolen from them. They had bought their apartments outright, paid for in full, but the companies running the projects simply filed for bankruptcy after the owners had stolen all the money. These women are but a few of the Ukrainians who are suffering from this fate. Many of my close friends share a similar fate in Odessa and Kiev. After giving away upwards of $100k, construction of their homes were halted, and no news comes of when construction will resume.

We have discussed Ukraine’s corruption numerous times in the past, but this specific form of corruption hits at the heart of the people. When a goverment allows their rich to openly steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from families who are, for the most part, not too well off. Worse yet, many of these families have lost their jobs since the Financial Crisis took hold of Ukraine, so these people are even hard pressed to find an alternate place to live.

Of course, none of the high class apartment complexes have had their construction frozen. I can’t imagine why that is. Of course, the rich likely have multiple apartments, so one of their projects frozen would do little to their home life, but that doesn’t concern the Ukrainian government.

To add a twist to their protest, FEMEN’s tone seems to be that of "We have no place to have sex". The signs they hold don’t translate well, but the tone is definitely humorous with underpinnings of sexual innuendo … such as, "Wiggle your Pistons" and "We have no place to do it".

All the images below have been taken from FEMEN’s livejournal site


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