On May 26th, in a bizarre murder-suicide in Orlando (Flordia), Nelson Flecha, 53-year old man from Orange City (Florida), shot dead 41-year old Dr. Dmitry Nikitin and then shot himself in Florida Hospital parking. The incident has left police baffled as the Flecha received a liver-kidney transplant performed by Nikitin a year ago at the same hospital. Dr Nikitin was a highly respected specialist in liver, kidney, pancreas, and intestinal transplants.

Flecha approached Nikitin, 41, as the doctor left the hospital after just finishing his shift. As he walked towards his car he was confronted by his former patient, who received a liver-kidney transplant performed by Nikitin a year ago at the same hospital.

The two men reportedly talked briefly before Flecha pulled a gun and killed the surgeon, firing several rounds. Shortly thereafter he took his own life.

Multiple weapons were reportedly found of the scene, and Lt. Barbara Jones of the Orlando Police Department told Reuters that video from cameras at the garage confirmed the theory that the tragedy was a murder-suicide.

“There is no rational reason to cold-bloodedly kill another human being,” Jones saidSource: abcnews.go.com

The Russian-born doctor immigrated to the United States in 1996, seeking a better life for himself and his family.

He was a husband and father of four children — his youngest son just 3 years old.


A native of Siberia, Nikitin held a number of jobs in Russia, including anesthesiologist, Sanchez said. When he moved to the United States, Nikitin immediately launched himself into a residency in general surgery.

The doctor juggled a demanding surgical fellowship with family errands because his wife, Lyubov Vladmirovna Nikitina, never learned to drive, friends said.

“He did that, and then on top of it, he did a fellowship for transplant surgery,” Sanchez said. “Most people would have come to the United States and taken two or three years to acclimate. But he didn’t. He was a very smart, very intelligent man.”

Source: www.orlandosentinel.com


There are no malpractice cases against the doctor.


About a year ago, neighbors say Flecha had spent three weeks at the hospital for the transplants and recently started to look better.

They say he was active and moving around, with no visible side effects, but they also say he was still a very angry man.”She even told him for someone that had all that done, you’re very grumpy and you should be looking at life in a different way,” said a neighbor.

Source: www.wftv.com


Police are still looking into the motive for the shooting and might subpoena Flecha’s medical records.



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