Weddings are an amazing event. They bring together family, friends and the most important people in your life. Unfortunately for you, most children would have missed the most important wedding of their life after their own: their parents wedding. In a wedding of two people who would shape your life as you know it, it’s amazing to think that most of us weren’t there. So it becomes increasingly important for us to support our parents on their anniversary, on their special day. A lot of reasons might seem obvious to some but an anniversary is the time to share your happiness with the world.

1.       It reminds us that love is still possible

In a world where divorce is becoming more prevalent; “‘til death do us part” doesn’t mean as much as it used to. This means that when it is possible to celebrate the love between two people then you definitely should. No matter how you choose to celebrate your parent’s anniversary, make sure that it’s special to them.


One thing that some kids have had to do is watch their parents grow apart. If your parents are still able to celebrate their anniversary together in a happy way, then you know what they have what it takes to go the distance, that they can be together forever. In that same way, it reminds us as their kids that we can find that sort of love as well.


2.       Celebrate what others might not have

Some kids come from broken households. They’re parents have been divorced. If you’re parents are still together for their tenth, for their fifteenth, for their twentieth wedding anniversary, then you’re one of the lucky ones. If they’re together for a long time beyond that, then they’re defying the odds and have found their true love. Support this, give them presents and give them time to tell each other that they love each other. Be there for them in any way that you possibly can.


3.       It reminds us that our parents are people

For some kids, they may dehumanize their parents. They see them as anything from obstacles to an ATM. They don’t see their parents as the people that they are. Anniversaries reminds us that they had a life before they had us and when we’re off living our lives, that they have their own life. We have to respect that and the anniversary is the perfect show of that.


Your parents wedding anniversary can be a time for your parents to tell you the story of how they met, how they fell in love and everything from their time together. Listen to these stories and love these stories. Some of the best stories come from our parents and how they got together. You might find out something that you never knew about that. Remind yourself your parents are humans with flaws, emotions and a past that you can take an interest in.


4.       They’re your parents…

For most people, your parents are your protectors. They’re your best friends and in some cases your worst enemy. They’re both the best people in the world and they can also be the worst. For people whose parents are still together, you have to understand what they’ve been through bringing you to the place that you are now. They might have had fights with their parents over their partner or how they were going to raise a family. They might have had money troubles in the past and gone without eating to support you.

Support your parents, because they are the best part of your life. They are the only true constants in your life and will be there through thick and thin. In the case that this is not true, then we are truly sorry.


In the end, it is your choice to support your parents at the end of the day. Some kids might not even remember their parent’s anniversary or even know when it is. However, it is important to celebrate this special day for your parents because of who they are to you. They love you as much as they love each other, make sure you show them that you appreciate this on their special day. 


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