I really don’t get it.

Jamie O’Keefe is apparently immune from the laws that govern the rest of us.

After he drew probation for trying to break in to the offices of a United States Senator, he surely had travel restrictions imposed upon him. Apparently those restrictions are in theory only, because he continues to travel all over the country. And…. he continues to COMMIT FELONIES. In New Hampshire, he committed voter registration crimes that should have gotten him buckled. And now, in North Carolina, he appears to be harassing innocent American citizens.

I understand what’s going on here; Jamie is naturally distraught over the loss of his man-hunk Andy, and he’s just trying to carry on Andy’s work of destroying innocent people with misrepresentations and outright lies. But damn all, Jamie is breaking criminal law when he does HIS.

Why isn’t this piece of shit sitting in a jail cell?

In conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe’s latest video, he features two “non-citizens” who have supposedly committed voter fraud in North Carolina. As ThinkProgressreportedyesterday, one of the men, Zbigniew Gorzkowski, has actually been an American citizens for decades.

Now, it turns out that the second “non-citizen,” William Romero, is actually a citizen as well, according to his family.

The video opens with O’Keefe’s cameraman walking up Romero’s driveway and confronting a member of his family about whether he is a citizen. O’Keefe points to court records from 2010 where Romero was excused from jury duty because he was not a citizen at the time. Therefore, as O’Keefe argues, Romero’s voter registration dated December 5, 2011 is fraudulent because Romero “is not a United States citizen.”

In fact, Romero’s family told ThinkProgress he became a naturalized citizen in early 2011.

What’s more, Romero’s family told ThinkProgress that they had began receiving harassing telephone calls two weeks before the incident in the video asking if Romero was a citizen. They confirmed to the caller — it’s unclear whether they were speaking with O’Keefe himself or another individual — that Romero is indeed a citizen. Nevertheless, O’Keefe proceeded to ambush the family at their home and publish this video claiming he’s not a citizen.

One member of his family, who was confronted in O’Keefe’s video as he came home to care for his sick son, was incensed by the charge, calling it “completely absurd.”

It’s even more absurd that law enforcement doesn’t seem to be able to do a damn thing about this Nazi punk (and he is a Nazi; check out some of his college buddies.) If they send me a warrant for his arrest, I will travel to wherever he may be and execute it myself.

If I got lucky, the little bitch might even resist arrest.



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