Many expressed concerns about the decision not to consider the alleged organizer of the explosion at the Boston Marathon enemy combatant, writes The Washington Times.

In fact it is a legal question that has a direct answer. However, the lack of such status does not mean that Johar Tsarnaev not a terrorist says the publication.

Frustrating inability of the Obama administration’s call terrorism by its name when it hit our territories, the author writes Brandon Smith. Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey rightly pointed out that the fact that the president did not even get the definition of “terrorism” in his address to the nation in connection with the attacks is a concern.

“Ignoring the incessant threat of Islamic terrorism is an insult to the victims and to the heroes who came to the hour of need to help the victims. Terrorism will not break the American spirit, and criminals should be brought to justice in accordance with the law. Boston will always remind us that we live in a world in which there are the dark corners of the forces of evil lurking contemplating their evil plans. About the heroism of law enforcement agencies and ordinary people should not be forgotten during the debate on how to prosecute the defendant, who is accused of murder and mayhem in Boston “- concludes.




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