The Gulf Spill: One Year Later, they say it is nearly back to normal "a 69 where it was a 70 before the disaster" That is BS! despite the lies of coming back it is dead as the fishing and shellfish industry need it and for many generations!

I keep listening to people in the seafood business down there say business is great eat the shellfish and come on down for a visit. They are great pitchmen to rebuild their industry and life style. I watched a special where they were rebuilding the oyster beds saying they are going to reseed and will be back better than ever. That is all great but I have to remember the millions of gallons of oil and dispersants used.

Most of that is still out and about somewhere albeit widely thinned out and dispersed. It just did not evaporate and much of the sea bottom is dead. I watched a special on CNN and some of the fishermen were saying they are thinking if leaving maybe going further south or to the east coast of Florida where people are not afraid to go fishing and eat the fish and shellfish so they can start a new life.

We keep being told the Gulf is almost back to where it was before the disaster and despite wishful thinking and feel good campaigns to get people back to rebuild the fishing and tourist industry there is no way this is true. I watched as one of the small boats showed us an example as they revved up the motor and churned up the water dredging up mass amounts of oil. It was terrible and that is going nowhere for generations.

There are 67 miles of coastline moderately or severely impacted. I was looking at thousands of acres of marshland that were totally dead and they said it would be open ocean in a year. That is not success. Nothing can live in the oil and dispersant which makes me ask about the oysters and other shellfish they are seeding. What about them? They will die once they get involved with the oil. Turtles birds dolphins and fish are still turning up dead daily!

As we have been saying for many months, the gulf is dead for fishing as they knew and need it.You know that mess is evaporating and will come down with the rain on crops and in drinking supplies. I wish they would stop their lying! This already is the nightmare scenario they are not talking about. We do not matter and instead of doing the right thing for the people and the gulf they are going to lie until once again the awful truth becomes undeniable and they will just act surprised. WTF?

The people in the Gulf might as well keep drilling for oil because their fishing is going to be dead for generations if we are around that long. Their lives are altered forever and they know it! 

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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