Libya death toll ‘touches 10000’ 

UK to Send Military Advisers to Help Libyan Rebels

“NATO conducted deliberate, multiple strikes against command and control facilities of the Gaddafi regime last night, including communications infrastructure used to coordinate attacks against civilians, and the headquarters of the 32nd Brigade located 10 km south of Tripoli,” NATO said in a statement. It’s about time, now go after Tripoli!

Meanwhile Misrata is surrounded on all sides by Mr. Gadhafi’s forces, who pummel the city with rockets, artillery shells, and cluster bombs on a daily basis and a spokesman says they are doing nothing. The leadership of the besieged rebel-held city of Misrata called for the urgent intervention of foreign ground forces to protect the city’s half a million citizens, the first such call by Libyan rebels since the country’s uprising began two months ago. “We are calling for foreign forces to protect our citizens immediately,” Nouri Abdallah Abdel Ati, a member of Misrata’s 17-person leadership committee, said Tuesday. “We want the UN or NATO on the ground. This is not a Western occupation or colonialism. This is needed to protect our people.” 

As Gaddafi forces lay siege to Misrata and slaughter the people any way they can NATO is being accused of over dramatizing the situation. The UK is sending military advisers, need we remind them that is the way we started in Vietnam? This is not good and is a no win situation. 

Any way you look at it Kaddafi is no Mubarak and Egypt’s army is not the army of blood thirsty mercenaries Kaddafi’s Billions buys. They aren’t going to be able to take out Gaddafi. He is going to keep slaughtering the “rats” The no fly zone stopped working when we handed it to the Brits and French though they seem to be doing better now the Bgabgo is captured and they can focus on Libya though now this is all really starting to worry me.

I just see no way in hell that Moamar, Saif, any of the Gaddafi men, or his daughter for that matter are going to go anywhere. I believe we screwed up again unless France or Britain takes control on the ground as seems to be happening. We can’t do it and we are getting dragged into it! This is not going to be good especially if Russia and China get involved helping Gaddafi in one way or the other in turn for his oil. 

I am all for dropping a MOAB (mother of all bombs) or a 30,000 pound bunker buster designed to dig 7 or 8 levels underground before exploding right in the middle of Gaddafi’s 4 acre compound. I was just listening to Gaddafi’s bitchy daughter speaking in Tripoli and Gaddafi hiding in a car while Loyalist planes circled overhead. What the heck is that in a supposed no fly zone? We are going to end up doing this ourselves I am afraid and what about Russia and China?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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