Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf emirates formally informed the UNSC that they are ready to take “whatever measures necessary” against Iran for interfering in their domestic affairs.

Though Saudi, Kuwait, and the UAE possess formidable arsenals, especially airforce, training of their pilots is lackluster and fighting spirit is generally very low among rich Arabs and their Pakistani mercenaries. This stands in stark contrast to Iranian situation: bad weapons, so-so training, and excellent will to fight. The Arabs’ top-of-the-line US fighter jets are thus vulnerable to Iranian air defense which, while mostly primitive, also include some advanced gear like TOR-1M and Chinese-made S-300. Short of the air dominance, the Arab countries lay open to Iranian invasion and Shiite sabotage.

Saudis, however, are doing great job by pushing the US into a corner: attack Iran or face major flare-up throughout the Middle East which would send oil prices soaring and American economy dwindling. It testifies to the depth of Israeli government’s betrayal of its people that Jews did not join Saudis in this endeavor. And it is Israel government which is guilty of the current wave of riots sweeping through the region: the riots which we could have nipped in the bud by staging a smallest attack on Egypt during Tahrir Square protests to re-unify Egyptians behind Mubarak.



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