Omar Suleiman

Egyptian police interrogated Omar Suleiman, their once all-powerful former intelligence head. Suleiman was always above the law because he held incriminating files on just about every member of the Egyptian elite. Indicting him means that the current government will have to accept wholesale changes to the political power structure when Suleiman’s revelations force almost all the country’s politicians to step down.

For thirty years Israel neglected to collect intelligence in Egypt, but received necessary information from Suleiman. His removal from power spells the end of Israeli-Egyptian cooperation against Al Qaeda-affiliated groups and Palestinian terrorists.

Israeli-Egyptian relations will soon deteriorate: the more the parties become estranged from each other, the less they have to lose by further estrangement, and Egyptian politicians will score PR points domestically with anti-Israeli rhetoric. There is no doubt that Egypt will bring troops into Sinai, whose demilitarization under the Camp David treaty is humiliating for them.

Israel must attack Egypt now to destroy its aircraft, tanks, and nuclear reactors. Lacking US aid and with a badly damaged economy, the Egyptian army won’t recover for many years.

Samson Blinded


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