Libya crisis mapped

Doha, Qatar: NATO, Arab and African ministers met with Libya’s rebels here on Wednesday in a show of support for insurgents who are seeking to overthrow Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi against a backdrop of division over the pace of coalition air attacks on pro-Qaddafi forces 

expanded coalition firepower by hardware and role Pictures and details look great on paper but we want to see it make a difference!

Tripoli does not feel like a city at war. There has been no sight or sound of bombing or anti-aircraft fire for the best part of a week. Libya’s capital is isolated, and the future is uncertain. They better start going after Tripoli and the source if they want to make a difference and do it relentlessly and consistently.

Britain called on Wednesday for a temporary financial mechanism to be set up to help pay for public sector costs in rebel-held areas of Libya. 

Rebels are selling their oil now,let them use the oil money. Secure more areas, more money for more sounds like motivation for the rebels to fight and retain, not to expect us to do it. Sounds like a win win to me.

Nothing has changed and it will not unless thy whoever they are start hitting Tripoli the heart of the problem, the AU gets serious about getting rid of their benefactor Gaddafi, the Arabs get more involved, and the French get involved on the ground if they care so much because Britain won’t do it and we can not. 

We are looking at arming these rebels who turn around and run at the drop of a hat it seems. What is the guarantee that they are going to stand their ground and fight for their lives? They seem more like cry babies blaming everything on NATO and the west. They want us to do their fighting for them. They know the ruthless killer that is Gaddafi, they should have known he would not step down and they would have to fight to the death as he slaughtered their people.

We can’t do this again. So far I am on Obama’s side, I think he, NATO, the Arabian’s and the AU have done the right thing. They did not wait during a year of slaughter as Clinton did in the Balkans, Obama did not go full bore and unilaterally as Bush did. It is already obvious that the no fly zone is a failure without the US running it. We can not get dragged into this further. We must get out now and the rebels must fight the good fight or die. We can not do this for them and Gaddafi is never going to step aside nor will his sons give up what they think is theirs.

Any way you look at it Kaddafi is no Mubarak and Egypt’s army is not the army of blood thirsty mercenaries Kaddafi’s Billions buys. They aren’t going to be able to take out Gaddafi. He is going to keep slaughtering the “rats” The no fly zone stopped working when we handed it to the Brits and French though they seem to be doing better now the Bgabgo is capture and they can focus on Libya though I understand Gaddafi’s forces are still flying and killing rebels.

I just see no way in hell that Moamar, Saif, or any of the Gaddafi men are going to go anywhere. I believe we screwed up again unless France takes control on the ground.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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