First, Junket John’s new pals in Jonestown demanded that he cut his own salary. That went over like a concrete balloon.

Then, the Jonestowners demanded that Junket John press a war on women. John promised to do it, but then he got tanked, passed out, and woke up unable to remember any of his previous promises. As a result, the Jonestowners didn’t get the war on women they were promised. And even worse, Junket  John didn’t go along with their country-killing plan to wreck the US credit rating and completely transform us into an third-world state.

Well….. Jonestowners aren’t a bunch to be snubbed. After all, they got on the buses at Senior Centers all over America and gave Junket John the Rushpubliscum majority that John said he needed to press their war on America. And THIS is how he repays them?!?

The Jonestowners are hopping mad (or walker-clanging mad, more accurately,) and they are demanding satisfaction. Junket John, for his part, had to know that this was coming, so I expect the payoff he extracted from his masters is a handsome one.

Junket John is finished. He’ll have to pack up his gavel, grab his bottle, and vacate his office. Soon.

Let’s just go through a random sampling of what the Jonestowners are saying about their never-was hero.

Have you ever noticed that whenever it comes time to stand on 
principle top Republican lawmakers always fold like a 20 dollar suit? 
This time it was John Boehner.  It went down like this – the Democrats 
knew that if they played hardball and set up a government shutdown for 
the weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival that Boehner would cave. 
Boehner took negotiations up to the last minute to make it “look good” 
for the Tea Party, but the truth is that Boehner wanted nothing to do 
with a government shutdown and the Democrats knew that.  The Democrats 
drew their lines in the sand on issue after issue and Boehner caved and 
caved and caved.  So now it is time to fire John Boehner along with 
Barack Obama in 2012.  Boehner must go.

The Tea Party should fire Boehner for his incompetence and put someone more capable in there in his place. Perhaps David Koch.

Is it too early to put a “Fire Boehner” bumper sticker on my car?

And my favorite quote of all…

They’ll probably fire Boehner, but even if they don’t, they’ll retreat to “Fuck you, that’s why!” mode for the entirety of the Obama presidency.

They can go into that mode. And they’ll guarantee themselves even more losses than they are going to suffer anyway. Still, it’s satisfying to know that the old drunk won’t do more than one term at the helm. I’m hoping for a Kool-Aid swilling Jonestowner as his replacement.



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