FSA destroys Syrian military outpost, Syria accepts cease-fire; fighting enters Lebanon: Assad has barely begun despite talk of peace. Beware!

FSA destroys Syrian military outpost: Syrian army defector, Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Youssef al-Hammoud, informed Asharq Al-Awsat that he led an FSA operation into Syrian territory “which led to the destruction of a military outpost and the capture of all of those based there.” He stressed “yesterday [on Monday] I led a group of our soldiers in an operation targeting an al-Assad military outpost in the Badama region [of Idlib province], which is just 9 km from the Turkish border. 

We attacked a special foces outpost located beneath a [railway] bridge in retaliation against the operations carried out by al-Assad regime forces in Jabal al-Zawiya.” Al-Hammoud revealed “we took control of the outpost and completely destroyed it; we captured all 17 soldiers who were based there, including First Lieutenant Abdul-Rahman al-Turki” adding “al-Turki was later shot in the kidney and killed by Syrian army forces as they fired upon us.”

Syria tightens travel restrictions on military age men: The restrictions issued on Saturday require men between the age of 18 and 42 to get permission from military recruitment and immigration departments before traveling, the officials said. The move came after a year of protests against Assad and increasing reports of desertions by army conscripts. Lebanese officials at the Masnaa border crossing between Beirut and Damascus said the number of people leaving Syria had fallen by 60 per cent since the regulations were announced two days ago. 

Syria accepts cease-fire; fighting enters Lebanon: Syria has accepted a cease-fire and peace plan drawn up by UN and Arab League special envoy Kofi Annan, his spokesman said on Tuesday, even as Syrian troops thrust into Lebanon to battle rebels who had taken refuge there.

Syrian troops advanced into north Lebanon, destroying farm building and clashing with Syrian rebels holed up there, residents said. They said Syrian forces crossed a few hundred meters into Lebanese territory. A security source in Beirut said clashes had taken place near the poorly marked border but did not confirm Syrian troops had entered Lebanon. Shells hit north Lebanon last week and residents say Syrian troops have briefly crossed the frontier while pursuing fleeing rebels in recent months. “More than 35 Syrian soldiers came across the border and started to destroy houses,” 

Assad Tours Homs As Syria Peace Deal Agreed: British Foreign Secretary William Hague cast doubt on Syria’s latest stance, saying the regime’s recent history provided cause for skepticism. “We have to look at the track record of the Assad-regime, which has been over the last year to say that they are signing up to agreements… and not implement them in practice,” he said. “This is a regime that has been involved in the murdering of many thousands of people (and) the torture and abuse of many others. 

Damn straight! Assad is not going to abide by any peace deal, that’s a joke! You know he is not going to stop until he murders all resisters, rounds up all military defectors and kills or imprisons them too. I have always like Kofi Annan but he has always proven to be useless and extremely naive.

I just had to talk about this it is such a horrible sham! The truth is that after Assad’s murderers helped by the IRG, Hezbollah, and Russian terror specialists slaughtered the people of Baba Amr he burned the bodies he could and hid what he could. He then has citizens loyal to him bused in to make it look like he was the welcoming hero.

Assad promised that after what the terrorists did and they were wiped out the city would be rebuilt bigger and better than before. It will be aired on state run TV so his “loyal” citizens could believe the lie that he is loved and is working for the people. This is not going to be good The Shiite Alawite’s are going to side with Iran, Hezbollah, Russia, and whoever else that will help them and The protester’s and the free Syrian army will side with Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Israel, weapons suppliers and anyone else that will help them. This is barely beginning and just the beginning of the middle east breakdown George W Bush started with his illegal attack on Iraq. 

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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