That war that’s not a war in Libya is already proving useful to the people who own us.

In this era where we are letting people die for lack of medical care, watching our infrastructure rot, and consigning our children to a future that will make a Mexican childhood seem luxuriant before it’s all said and done, we’ve already ruled out making the freeloading corporations and billionaires pay anything back to the country that was so good to them. Now, to ice that cake, look what Libya is going to be used as an excuse for?

Logically…. where do they go next? They can slash ALL discretionary spending, and it still won’t be enough to feed this beast.

Those Klanbaggers better hope they die soon. At least then they can avoid starving to death, or dying of a treatable ailment. Cuz’ you know…. we just HAVE to keep shoveling money into the Pentagon.

Just as the debt debate ramps up on Capitol Hill, the lead role the United States is playing in the military action against Libya threatens to scramble an emerging consensus over the need to trim defense to reduce the deficit. Despite the broad coalition targeting the Pentagon budget, cuts were always going to be a tough sell at a time of two wars — let alone as the military intervenes in a third country.

“It is just plain vanilla that it will make it harder to cut defense in the near term,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, an economist with close ties to congressional Republicans. “We’re going to have to fund more of this than you realize.”

The airstrikes are already being used by some in the Republican establishment to blunt momentum in favor of the cuts, long considered heretical in a town in which defense contractors constitute a formidable lobby and members of Congress view the Pentagon budget as a jobs program and fear being tagged as unpatriotic.

Squeezed by political forces to his right and his left, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) has led the charge against efforts to scale back defense spending.

“This would be one of those examples that can be used to buttress his argument that now is not the time for deep cuts in defense,” said Josh Holly, the committee’s communications director. The chairman’s concern is “not being properly positioned to deal with the contingencies that might be on the horizon, whether that be a modernizing military in China or (a military action) in Libya.”

One thing is for certain-no matter how much money the Pentagon gets, we can count on the veterans we bust up in these wars to become throwaways. Hell, we couldn’t even properly equip them when we supposedly had money-so can you imagine what kind of future they’ll be coming back to NOW?
The people doing all the ra-ra for these bloated defense budgets are the same people who always claim we can’t afford to help the vets we screw over, along with not being able to afford anything else that might benefit the country, instead of a few contractors. I’ve given that a lot of thought; we are churning out more and more lethal weaponry, and we’re putting it in the hands of people who have largely grown up brutalized by the Plutocracy.
Don’t you think that twain just has to meet, somewhere?


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