Politics is a world of showmanship. It is important that your constituents ‘think’ that you are working in their best interests, but it is not important to actually work in the best interests of your constituents. Nowhere is this reality more black and white than in Ukraine. Whats worse, the Ukrainian government aren’t even trying to convince their constituents that they are working in their interests, but rather they try to convince the world that they care even a little for their people. Of course, the slight chance of joining the EU may have something to do with this.

Here is where, in my opinion, FEMEN shine the brightest. The Ukrainian people are not stupid, they in fact are well aware of what the Ukrainian government are trying to achieve. FEMEN are simply bringing this information to the world stage.

For those that are unaware, Ukraine’s second president has long been accused of ordering the murder of Georgy Gongadze, a journalist who was doing extensive research into the unending corruption throughout Ukraine. Exposing corruption is never in the interest of the government, neither Ukrainian nor American, hence Gongadze mysteriously disappeared. There is loads of evidence pointing to the fact that Kuchma was responsible for the order, but that isn’t the point. The point is much more subtle … just last week, Ukraine’s current president Viktor Yanukovich, who happened to be Vice President under Kuchma and is a great friend, announced that Kuchma has been formally charged with the murder.

These charges are complete farce, and Leonid Kuchma will in fact be acquitted very quickly, as time will tell. FEMEN are simply bringing these facts to light. Holding a sign stating “Run, Leonid, I will cover you” and chanting “Stop Kicking the People in the Balls” (rough translation), FEMEN’s Olga Blagodarova was seen on the steps of Ukraine’s parliament. While little is likely to change in Ukraine from this event, it at least makes light of the unending corruption and government deceit practiced by Ukraine’s government, specifically that of Viktor Yanukovich. This is an obvious way to distract many Ukrainians as the current government continually rape the citizens of their rights and freedoms.

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