There comes a time when you absolutely, positively have to step up, and draw a line. And that time is right here, and right now.

In Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida, petty tyrants are passing laws that are stripping working people of their workplace rights, and college students and minorities of their Constitutional rights.

In Arizona, Idaho, Texas, and South Carolina, Legislatures are either debating, or actually passing, “nullification” laws that are basically a great big middle finger to both the Constitution and the Federal Government.

The Rushpubliscums in the Senate agreed, and then reneged, on measures to end their constant obstruction of even discussion of pending legislation.

Women are being reduced to second-class citizenry, and worse, throughout states where Rushpubliscums hold Governorships and legislative majorities.

Bankers continue to prey upon the public without fear of prosecution, and millions of homeowners are facing declining pay while their homes decline in value-a recipe for another explosion in foreclosures.

And through it all, the President remains nearly completely silent.

I realize he made a couple of meaningless remarks about the attack on Wisconsin working people, but that is a far cry from his campaign pledge to stand on the picket line with oppressed workers. And he’s had just about nothing to say publicly about the Rushpubliscum attacks on the Constitution, minorities, and women. This is completely unacceptable, and any fool should be able to see that people are waiting for some actual LEADERSHIP to come from Washington. The fact that the President’s approval numbers rose after his initial remarks on Wisconsin are no accident; the American people WANT him to step up and side with THEM, for one damned time. And it is also no accident that his numbers have begun to slide again, as he AGAIN refuses to step up and use the pulpit he has available to him to give the brave workers of Ohio and Wisconsin some desperately needed support. Nope-the President, by all appearances, is throwing them to the wolves again.

This time, however, things might be much different. I think the American people are rapidly reaching a breaking point. If the President refuses to step up and be with them in this darkest hour of theirs, they will look among themselves for someone to stand in front of them, and they’ll find him-or her. There is so much anger regarding the attacks on workers and women that it isn’t at all beyond the question that the anger could turn violent. And the traditional enforcement arms of the Government are among those who are being attacked this time, which could lead to a lot of bloody, and unpleasant, scenarios.The President needs to realize that this time, the people getting angry aren’t a bunch of stupid blue-haired racists parading around town hall meetings with guns. This time, a broad mass of the American people are seething. They understand who it is that’s attacking them, and they aren’t going to wait a whole lot longer for the guy they elected to protect them to step up and do his damned job.

Will the Do-Nothing President continue to bet on the status quo? His ideological twin, Mikhail Gorbachev, can explain to him what that will get you, and how fast it all happens.

It seems to me that the future of America is actually resting on one man’s shoulders now. It also seems to me that the man’s lack of a spine means that his shoulders will give way. I sincerely hope that for once, I’m wrong.



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