It is difficult to say for sure whether the winner of New Zealand’s The Rock FM “Win a Bride” contest is in fact lucky. While I am sure he feels lucky now, winning an all expense paid trip to Kiev, Ukraine for 12 nights with $2000 in cash, I have a feeling he will reconsider once he realizes how FEMEN plans on welcoming him.

All we know about the Lucky Guy is that his name is Greg and he is a Winemaker. For more details you can visit The Rock FM’s site. I can’t say that there is anything wrong with the guy, nor with his intentions. For all likelihood, he is probably looking more for a wife than a one night stand, but FEMEN have taken this very personally and are doing everything in their power to warn the people of Kiev that Greg is coming to have sex with their women. 

Alexandra Shevchenko, Inna Shevchenko and Hope Gladchenko have taken to the streets with the craziest image of Greg, handing out fliers and making it very well known that if they encounter Greg he will be very sorry for his visit. In case you are unaware, the girls held a rally on March 8th outside a Marriage Registrar. These girls are very opposed to anything that makes Ukrainian girls look like prostitutes, and are trying very hard to pass laws in Ukraine outlawing this practice.

The beautiful image above of the lucky winner Greg is also accompanied by a catchy slogan below, “He is coming to Fuck your daughters”. I guess subtlety isn’t high on FEMEN’s list of priorities. These girls have labeled Greg as a Sex Maniac, a deviant bent on having sex with as many women as he can get his hands on. While I find this very unfair, the guy is likely just looking to find a nice Ukrainian bride, their tactics will definitely make Greg’s life substantially harder which is their intent.

I know … too much talk … where are all the pictures? Well, here you go. Once again, all images taken from FEMEN’s Livejournal Site.


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