Czar Kashitch I, of the Flippumoff Dynasty


First, to all of the Ohioans who have finally become aware of what I was screaming about months and months ago, I say: Welcome. You have finally seen it for yourselves.

I would also like to express my sincere sympathies that it took SB5 and Scammon Jones to finally wake you up.

Scammon Jones, of course, hails from the inbred backwater of Warren County, where the only things more numerous than unrepaired bridges are Rushpubliscum voters. Scammon knows her constituency well; she has spent her entire political career persecuting everyone who isn’t rich. About the only two things Scammon Jones will be known for later on is her desire to reduce Ohio workers to the status of serfs, and her desire to equip every first grader with a gun. Not an education, of course-just a gun.

Scammon and her Czar had to pull some tricks on their own Rushpubliscum caucus to get the job done, but they did it; they got SB5 through the Ohio Senate today. SB5 is, in some respects, even worse than the measure Pharaoh Walker is trying to push through the legislature in Wisconsin. In the Ohio version of the bill, NO ONE is exempt from the rules-which strip all workers of collective bargaining rights on everything but wages (which will be tied to the CPI,) significant increases in employee contributions to their healthcare and pension plans, and termination for striking. In Ohio, a state job will be less attractive than working the drive-thru at Mickey D’s in a matter of a few years.

Today, some people close to me are finding out exactly what that means.

I have a couple of relatives who work for the state. With Czar Kashitch I’s bill, they actually look to have their pay stripped by an average of about $10.00 an hour. I can tell you that they are doing all right for themselves, but they aren’t exactly rolling in dough-one of them has nearly 20 years in the job and she doesn’t make much more money than I do, a private-firm employee with a whopping 4 years on the job. They give up a lot now to have a pension and some security later on in life. It certainly isn’t the sweet deal that FOX “News” would have you believe it is.

Now one of my relatives has parents who vote Rushpubliscum no matter what. These are the people you may remember me getting furious about when they berated my wife for being a “liberal” (out of my earshot, of course, because wingers tend to be cowards.) Today, my State employee relative spoke to her dad, and explained to him what his support of Czar Kashitch I was going to do to her and her husband.

“You voted against your own children,” was what she told him.

Well, I’ve got news for her; they’ve been voting against their own children, and grandchildren, for a long time now, and they’ve done it for the top 2 reasons a Klanbagger votes the way he or she does; selfishness and hate. Klanbaggers are so scared that that dirty GUBMINT might ask them for an extra dime or two in taxes that they will willingly vote to destroy their own childrens’ futures in order to avoid having to give anything back to society. Klanbaggers are also irrational and hypocritical, since most of them have no trouble sucking down that Social Security and Medicare (and in this example, we are talking about a couple of people who are on both,) but they never see the contradiction in the way they live and the way they vote. All that matters to them is that THEY got THEIRS. How their daughter fares is of no consequence to them-and forget about their grandchildren. They’ll just have to suck it up.

Klanbaggers also resent the fact that “those” people have been given the opportunity to excel via Government initiatives, so of course they will vote for what they see as a return to a time when white people were a privileged class. It doesn’t matter to them that under their precious Rushpubliscums that nearly all of us have slipped and are staggering; as long as THEY have it worse, their egos are satisfied. Many of these Klanbaggers are orgasmic over what is being done to unionized state employees in Ohio and Wisconsin because a lot of THOSE people happen to be employed by the state, and if stripping THEM of any dignity they have means that a few of the white folks get their benefits gutted too, then, to quote a drunk from Butler County, so be it. The simple fact of the matter is that the Klanbaggers have completely isolated themselves with their associations and their reliance on FOX “News,” so any truths you tell them will mean nothing to them. You might as well tell them the truth in Mandarin Chinese, for as much good as it’ll do. They can tell you about whatever conspiracy Hannity is selling tonight about dirty commie libruls out to take the scalps of all the good white people, but they have no idea how much real, human suffering there is 10 minutes from their front doors.

As an Ohioan, I am deeply saddened by what is being done to state employees. I hope that we can now move forward with a statewide ballot initiative to right this monstrous wrong Czar Kashitch I has perpetrated upon the decent and honest working people of the State of Ohio. But my state employee friend can be sure that both her parents will be at the voting booth to screw her and her family yet again, so she had better be ready to get all of her colleagues to the polls to vote.

All of us need to turn out, for every election. I don’t care how angry we are at the President-there is no excuse for us sitting on our hands. When we sit on our hands, we also get fitted for nooses.

Just ask my state employee relatives. They can tell you how it works. They know, as I do, that Czar Kashitch I couldn’t crack 50%, and that if the 2008 voters had returned to the polls in 2010, we’d still have Governor Strickland.

We had better get as motivated by self-preservation as the Klanbaggers are by hatred.



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