11-year Ahmad Rollins from Sacramento (California) was made to apologize by his mother and father by holding a sign for 3-hours saying – 

Called my 5th grade teacher a jackass. Sorry Mr. Smith.

11-year made to hold sign "I called my 5th grade teacher a jackass. Sorry Mr. Smith"

Ahmed’s mother Cassandra Rollins thinks that the punishment was fitting for the disrespect.

Cassandra Rollins said it’s important to support teachers. She said since the punishment, she’s seen a change in her son. She’s hoping that the punishment serves him as a reminder that there is such a thing as tough love.

“It’s important to respect authority, and I hope parents agree with me,” Cassandra Rollins said.Source: www.kcra.com



Even Mr. Smith, the teacher, came down to meet the Ahmed while he was out with the sign.

I am sure that this humilating experience will make sure that Ahmed will never bad mouth the teacher. But it does make you wonder, if the punishment was a little too severe. Aren’t there other ways without embarrassing your son? Like grounding, taking away TV or XBox/PS3 time?

What do you guys think?




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