US V UK – which country has the best sport

Although there might be a lot of distance geographically between the USA and the UK, the two countries have a number of similarities. When it comes to TV, films and music, we enjoy very similar shows and artists and each country regularly exports popular shows and albums to the other. But one thing where there is a striking difference between the two countries is the sport each country’s men and women enjoy watching.

Turn on ESPN news in America and you’ll not be waiting too long until you hear the latest news about basketball or baseball. It’s rare to find an American who doesn’t watch, talk to his mates about and even bet online on the outcome of either of the sports. In England, they don’t even play baseball, and you’ll be waiting a long time to hear anything about the basketball. Unlike in America, basketball is very rarely broadcast on television in the UK. When Great Britain play basketball in the Olympics is really the only time the sport is shown on TV in the UK, and even then the sport attracts a tiny audience when it is broadcast every four years. Even in the top division in England, some of the teams have tiny stadiums which can only seat a couple of hundred spectators.

The one sport that is very popular in both counties is football. Although American’s may call it soccer, both countries have a real passion for the Premier League played in England and Wales. Online betting on the sport in both countries is very popular, with odds on all of the latest Premier League games appearing on the homepages of bookmakers like Coral in both countries. The only difference is that when the World Cup is on, the streets are empty whenever England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland has a game on. In America although the popularity of international football is growing, it still has a fair way to go until it reaches the level of people that watch and bet online on it in the UK.

Even when we share a passion for the same sport, it seems we like watching it in different ways. Whilst both countries enjoy watching horse racing, the rules of the sport in each country are rather different. In America, most of the major races are run on flat tracks whilst the majority of race courses in the UK are run over fences and other obstacles. The popularity of the sport is dwindling in America but in the UK it remains the sport that most people bet online on, only being rivalled by the UK’s true love, football.

Motor racing is also very different in each country. In the USA, the most popular motor sport is the NASCAR racing in which a large field of supped up road cars race round an oval track. In the UK, there is a bigger following for the Formula One, which features some of the world’s fastest drivers taking on hard corners and fast chicanes in single seater cars.

Although each country might disagree on which sports is best, many from both countries can agree on the fact that there’s nothing better than watching and having a bet online on our favourite sporting events.



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