I am not a fan of DPRK or North Korean Democratic Republic.   Of course the word “Democratic” sounds like a joke, but if they like to be called that way, what a hack, let it be so.  They as a country have a lot of problems; never the less they live peacefully for the past 60 years.  The biggest problem of their though is… United States! United States is a “problem” to many rogue states, but to North Korea it is a “to be alive or to be dead” problem.  They just scare to death, so due to that is their nuclear weapons development.  The problem is that the existence of a nuclear bomb is paying dividends. Without it, North Korea would have the same geopolitical importance as Mongolia, but the bomb North Korea causes fear, courted her, to please her. If you Armored Brigade – you do not worth much, but it is enough to have one nuclear bomb to “going nuclear” and then… you are somebody!

Torsten Krauel, author of an article published in the German Die Welt , believes that the small amount of power experienced by the other day to the DPRK nuclear charge – less than 10 kilotons – carries far more risks than if Pyongyang tested a nuclear bomb of great power. In justification of his words the author gives three arguments. First, such a small charge is easier to place on intercontinental missiles. Second, they can be used as a detonator for large charges, and thirdly, they can be used, the shells of short-range missiles and artillery pieces, of which the North Korean regime have thousand, against South Korea. And, with far-reaching consequences, stresses the publication.

“If they equipped with nuclear warheads only ten, out of thousands, of their artillery systems, the DPRK will not leave troops in South Korea a choice, South will  be destroyed during first few minutes” – explains the author. – And to keep in the air above the 38th parallel in constant combat readiness huge fleet drones to destroy this arsenal is not possible from a political and ecconomic point of view.”

And North Korea wants the U.S. to recognize them as an opponent and perceived as an equal. North Korean leader wants direct talks with U.S. President Barack Obama. And the dictator without nuclear weapon… just take a look at Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi!  

Tell you that if I would be in their (North Korean) shoes I would do the same!




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