A 22-year old woman from Ashland (Wisconsin) tried to set herself on fire after police chase. Authorities were responding to call about a suicidal female when they found her siting in her Chevy Blazer. When she saw the police, she drove away at high speed, doing over 50 mph in residential area without stopping at stop signs. In the end, after she stopped, she tried to set herself on fire.


Authorities stopped the emergency pursuit for the safety of others and attempted to follow her slowly. The woman parked in several spots, taunting officers to follow her, police said, and through the 90-minute ordeal, hit the steps of a residence, a tree, an unattended vehicle and a squad car.

Police said they learned the woman may have been armed and in possession of a bottle of acid that she possibly was going to throw at officers. Stop sticks meant to disable the woman’s tires set out near the intersection of Ellis Avenue and 11th Street stopped her vehicle.

Officers tried to talk her out of the vehicle, and she was seen pouring liquid over herself. When police tried to remove her, she lit herself on fire with a lighter. Police broke a window to her vehicle and removed her, covering her with snow to extinguish the flames.

The liquid she had was lighter fluid, police said, and no weapons or acid were found.

Source: www.duluthnewstribune.com


No weapons or acid were found on her.



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