Shoplifters caught stealing at a Dollar Store in Sundvall (Sweden) now have the choice of wearing a full-body sign of shame instead of being reported to the police.  The sign says – “I’m a THIEF, I shoplifted from DOLLARSTORE”.

Within 20 days of the store’s opening, personnel had caught four people with sticky fingers.

They were all given the choice of either being reported to police and fined 1500 kronor ($220), or working a weekend shift at the store collecting shopping carts, while wearing a sign that says “I’m a THIEF, I shoplifted from DOLLARSTORE”.

“None of the shoplifters chose the sign,” DollarStore’s owner Peter Ahlberg told the local daily Dagbladet, adding that his goal is to draw attention to the growing problem of shoplifting in Sweden, and not simply to shame shoplifters.

His company alone, with about 20 stores in Sweden, loses millions of kronor to shoplifters each year.

“In our store in Boden they displayed 60 bras and 20 of them were stolen,” Ahlberg told the paper.Source:

Shoplifting from a dollar store? Is it really worth it?


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