Joao Leite Dos Santos, a mechanic in Sao Paulo (Brazil), climbed into the enclosure for spider monkeys at the Sorocaba Zoo – to play with them. Yes, he was drunk and he did get attacked by the animals, resulting him being taken to the hospital. Check the video (Explicity Content – user discretion advised) –

Almost immediately, one of the spider monkeys sank its sharp teach into Mr Dos Santos’s wrist, while another bit his elbow and shoulder.

The monkeys are fiercely territorial and had been sizing Mr Dos Santos up from the moment he climbed over the fence.


Realising the monkeys were not in a playful mood, and now in excruciating pain, Mr Dos Santos waded back towards the horrified onlookers and was dragged out of the water and over the enclosure fence.

He lay on the ground for several minutes, in a growing pool of his own blood, while zoo workers tried to work out what to do.

Her was eventually taken to hospital, where he was treated for severe bites to his right arm and shoulder, and gave sheepish interviews to the local media.  It is not known whether he will face criminal charges for his prank.


Drunk and stupid? Does make you wonder why the spectators didn’t do anything to get him out (could even hear laughs in the video).


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