A man was caught on camera spinning while he swung the two-year-old black cat, called Mowgli, in Ramsgate, Kent. After the video went viral. 20-year old Riain Richards handed himself in for the crime.

The cat belongs to Michelle Buchanan. Check the CCTV video (user discretion advised) –

Riain seems to be no stranger to trouble.


One said: ‘Riain is a trouble-maker. He has damaged cars, has young girls to the house and is always playing loud music. One night people came and smashed all the windows in his house.

‘His mother died last year after falling down the stairs. His father is a nice man, but he can’t control Riain. He is away working from  Sunday to Friday. We hope this will mean he will finally leave the street.’ Photographs of jobless Richards on the social networking site Bebo show him drinking and apparently smoking cannabis joints with his friends, who he describes as ‘potheads’.

Last night it also emerged that Richards’s half-brother, Ross  Hammond, 31, is serving a life  sentence after being convicted in April 2003 of sexually abusing and murdering a baby.

Jade Hart – the 13-month-old daughter of Hammond’s then girlfriend – died of a brain haemorrhage. Hammond had inflicted 117 separate injuries on her, leaving her with a broken leg, fractured ribs and a black eye.

Richards is accused of swinging Mowgli around by his tail at least 14 times during the early morning attack last month.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


Luckily the cat didn’t suffer any physical injuries but is reported to be psychologically hurt.

If convicted of cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act, Mr Richards faces maximum sentence of 51 weeks in jail and/or a fine of up to £20,000.



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