Some burglars use ski masks others use stockings, but these Iowa burglars decided on something even better – a black permanent marker from Sharpie for disguise!

Meet Matthew McNelly, 23, and Joey Miller, 20, who got this great idea to use permanent marker to paint their faces before breaking into an apartment. Police obviously had no problem finding them in a matching car description (were traveling in a 1994 Buick Roadmaster) with these two painted faces –

Matthew McNelly, 23, and Joey Miller, 20


Police had no trouble identifying two men accused of trying to break into a Carroll apartment. Police were responding to a call about an attempted burglary when they pulled over a car matching the alleged suspects’ vehicle. Inside the car, officers found two men with their faces blackened with permanent marker. Police said the caller described two men with painted faces attempting to break into an apartment Friday night before driving off.

Matthew McNelly, 23, and Joey Miller, 20, were arrested at gunpoint after officers were told they might be armed. Neither man had a weapon. McNelly and Miller were each charged with attempted second-degree burglary. Both men were released after posting bond.



Burglars like these can definitely make forensic and Crime Scene Investigation teams work unnecessary!




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