Weusi McGowan, 38, who smeared his defense attorney with his feces during his robbery trial, has been sentenced to 31 years and four months in state prison. He pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to residential robbery causing great bodily injury and residential burglary. The defendant also pleaded guilty to assault on a public official and assault on a juror.

Weusi McGowan, 38, who smeared his defense attorney with his feces

On January 26th, during his robbery trial, he had smuggled it in a small plastic bag in his underwear. After Judge Jeffrey Fraser refused to remove Alternate Public Defender Jeffrey Martin from the case he took the bag out and rubbed his feces on Martin’s head and face. Afterwards, he also flung the fecal matter at jurors at the trial.

He was shown in the court that he had lived the life of crime throughout his life.


McGowan tried to rob an ice cream truck at the age of 12 and his brothers were founding members of a local gang, his attorney said.

But Lawson said McGowan “chose to live the life of a criminal.””He is a man who will do anything,” Lawson told reporters.

The prosecutor said the defendant went on a shooting spree at age 16 and once out of prison, committed the home-invasion robbery he was on trial for when he flung his feces at the jury box.

In the robbery case, McGowan hit a man with a rock in a sock demanding money and drugs as the victim came out of a house in Barrio Logan to investigate a commotion on Oct. 17, 2007.McGowan ransacked the man’s apartment then stole some of the victim’s belongings and took off in the victim’s car, Lawson said.

Source: www.10news.com



He definitely sounds mentally ill or someone trying to look like mentally ill.


Lawson said McGowan had previously wiped human feces on himself and was examined by doctors to ensure he was mentally competent to stand trial.

But defense attorney Stephen Cline said McGowan’s medications were messed up when he was about to go to trial.When medicated properly, the defendant does “relatively OK,” Cline said.”He’s mentally disabled,” the attorney said. “(But) that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He can be extremely violent if not medicated.”Cline said McGowan has been diagnosed with a number of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia

Source: www.10news.com


McGowan was also ordered to pay $129 to replace the feces-stained laptop case.



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