How big of a sports fan are you? Can you do anything to get the tickets for your favorite team’s games? Can you top this die-hard fan?

Susan Finkelstein, 43, was charged with prostitution and related offenses after she posted an advertisement on craigslist for allegedly offering sex for two World Series tickets.

Check the advertisement below (not sure how long craigslist will keep the ad) –


Diehard Phillies fan — gorgeous tall buxom blonde — in desperate need of two World Series tickets. Price negotiable — I’m the creative type! Maybe we can help each other!




Susan Finkelstein, 43, allegedly offered sex for tickets

It is reported that the law enforcement officials happened to stumble upon Susan Finkelstein’s ad and set up a sting operation. A meeting with an undercover officer was arranged and Susan Finkelstein allegedly offered sex in exchange for the tickets.

Check her wall on facebook here (unconfirmed)

Susan Finkelstein's facebook message (unconfirmed)

I think it was a very insignificant issue, especially with tons of “real” prostitutes in the area. The only thing this sting operation will ensure is to keep the normal people’s “creative” favors from competing with those given by “real” prostitutes.

What do you guys think?




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